If you are associated with retail operations in any way, you would have experienced the difficulty and complexity of maximizing product availability to the final consumer. The impact of fluctuations in demand ripples across the entire supply chain-from the retailer to the logistics companies to the manufacturers to the raw materials suppliers.

Retail operations oscillate between overstocking items that don’t sell to being out of stock of high demand items. Not only are revenue opportunities lost on out of stock items, but also lost on forced discounting of overstock inventory. A ‘lose-lose’ situation for all. Retailers pressurize suppliers to be more responsive with shorter lead times while reducing prices as well.

Built on the concept of dynamic buffer management, the TOC Replenishment model delivers 97%+ availability of the right items in the right location at the right time in the right quantities to take advantage of all potential sales opportunities. Even more compelling is that this is accomplished while simultaneously reducing inventory throughout the supply chain. Retailers report:

  • Near zero shortages and near-zero surpluses
  • Clients find exactly what they want
  • Retailers enjoy increased sales and reduced mark-downs
  • No unutilized shelf space
  • Significant increase in inventory turns
If you are the victim of:
  • Clients complaining that desired items are not available (size, style, color, model, finish, configuration, etc.)
  • Suppliers unable to respond to your requirements in time
  • The wrong items in stock (slow-moving, obsolete, older versions, etc.)
  • Forced deep discounting to shed obsolete inventory
  • Inability to forecast the correct inventory mix

Then the TOC Replenishment model should be a compelling option for your organization.

You cannot afford another missed sales opportunity. If you contact us at contact@www.theoryofconstraints.org, we will provide much more detailed information on how TOC Replenishment can deliver significant bottom-line benefits to your operation. In retail, time is of the essence. Don’t wait…