Companies face relentless pressure to come up with new and innovative products and services at lower cost and in shorter timeframes while expected to absorb more last-minute changes. This is the result of competitive pressure to reduce cost through product re-design, for new product innovation and for internal capability upgrades such as IT systems or new plant construction.

Based on the same principles underpinning the other TOC applications, the Critical Chain project management (CCPM) concepts, tools and management training deliver substantial improvement in:

  • Projects completed on time
  • Significantly shorter project durations and accelerated multi-project pipeline flow
  • Stable task priorities with less fire-fighting
  • More effective managerial oversight and project control
  • Effective resource deployment coordination across multiple project priorities
  • Increased resource productivity from stable work priorities

We have delivered all of the above benefits where CCPM has been implemented. We have observed:

  • 99% on time completion
  • 30% project cycle time reduction

This is accomplished by managing variation in task duration in short cycles in order to re-prioritize resources across a project or a portfolio of projects so that work flows in a predictable manner. Implementation can be accomplished in a short period of time but embedding the new behavior and performance metrics requires extended support. Once the capability is embedded in the operating cadence of the organization, it becomes a way of life for rapid project execution.

You cannot afford to miss another project deadline. Contact us at and we’ll provide your more information on how to implement CCPM in your organization.