The extraordinary impact that TOC brought to the manufacturing world was driven largely by the book “The Goal” authored by Dr. Goldratt and Jeff Cox. Published in 1983, the book has influenced the thinking of millions of readers around the world. However, “The Goal” does not educate its readers on the immensely powerful methodology to elevate manufacturing systems’ performance.

Organizations are relentlessly forced to deliver higher value at lower cost in less time to more demanding customers with fewer assets to deploy. Those that cannot do so, simply disappear. Lehman Brothers, AOL Time Warner and Fresh & Easy are recent examples. As the business systems become leaner and efficient, companies find it difficult to absorb any variation in performance and reliability.

The Drum-Buffer-Rope model represents a proven methodology, a set of management tools, training and software infrastructure that delivers profound improvements in reliability and throughput while reducing cost and inventory. We have seen reliability go from 37% to 97% in large companies in a matter of months, with order lead times reduce by 70% and inventory decrease by 60%. That makes the company a preferred supplier to more and more clients. A huge strategic advantage!

By dynamically managing statistical fluctuations, flow dependencies, internally constrained systems and capricious customer demands, companies can increase flow velocity and supply reliability well beyond that of their competitors.

If your company is suffering from:
  • Internal fire-fighting
  • Poor due date performance
  • Excess inventory
  • High operating cost
  • Overloaded management
  • Unsatisfactory profitability

Then you owe it to you and your company to investigate and evaluate how the TOC Manufacturing model can elevate your success. Send us an email at for an in-depth discussion on how we can be of service to you. Don’t waste another day on crisis management.