Many of our good clients with whom we have built Throughput-driven companies, will testify that their companies are more exciting, personally satisfying and productive places to work. To experience first-hand the power of exponential gain in a throughput-driven organization is a life-changing event.

However, getting from the theory to a fully capable and functioning Throughput-driven company does require effort. It is not about generating some lean-based cost savings or six-sigma styled multiple improvement projects. It is about configuring the organization and all its sub-systems, operating model and skills into a relentless growth machine.

To achieve this in the shortest time with least amount of effort, we deploy Dr. Goldratt’s Strategy & Tactic logic, simulation models and hands-on training. Our principals have been at the helm of the largest and most successful TOC deployments in the world, for which the TOC community has acknowledged our efforts with the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization achievement award. We’d like your company to be the next.

Contact us at and we will share with you the requirements for building a vastly more successful organization using the Theory of Constraints. We look forward to that conversation.

We have deployed out extensive consulting experience in these industries:

  • Agriculture and agricultural equipment
  • Construction and civil work
  • Steel making, foundries, forges and rolling mills
  • Textiles, yarns, clothing
  • Forestry, lumber, furniture manufacturing
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous machining and manufacturing
  • Petrochemical refining, oil & gas
  • Distribution and transport
  • Automotive supply chain and assembly
  • Banking and finance
  • Deep shaft and open-cast mining
  • Retailing in numerous sectors
  • Government agencies
  • Machine tool and capital equipment manufacturing
  • Service-based organizations
  • Dairy, food and feed processing
  • Heavy vehicle assembly
  • Software development and IT system deployment
  • Photovoltaic and wind energy
  • Medical devices
  • Pharmaceuticals